Head Coach

 Michael Carnevali

A.S. Exercise Science & Sport Studies

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

NSCA Certified TSAC-F

Z-Health Level 2 Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Coach

TFW Level 1 Coach

Losing over 100lbs of body fat can change a life, just ask Michael Carnevali. As a child and teen who always battled a weight problem, 320 lbs was finally enough and it was time to do something about it. Michael got serious about a fitness training program, cleaned up his diet and 7 months later was 105 lbs lighter! Inspired by the change both mentally and physically, Michael decided to make a career in the fitness industry so he could help others make a change with their fitness and health. After studying Exercise Science and becoming a certified personal trainer, Michael started his career at the Fitness Performance Center.

With 7 years of experience in the field, Michael brings his enthusiasm for training into each and every workout session with those that he trains. Michael is always involved in endurance events where he can push himself towards his fitness goals. He has completed 10 Spartan Races including the famous Killington Beast in Vermont, 2 Tough Mudders, and 11 GORUCK events including a 24-hour Heavy & a 50-mile Star Course. If he’s not doing a race, then you will find him hitting the trails on his mountain bike or with his weighted rucksack on most weekends to push himself even more!