FPC KidFit

Does your child want to follow the same fitness footsteps that you walk?

Do they want to try something NEW and FUN?

Do they want to be the BEST they can possibly be?

FPC KidFit is a functional fitness program specifically designed for kids to improve their strength, coordination, and overall performance that is applicable to any sport or activity! Whether they are sport athlete or a regular kid who likes to have fun, our KidFit program will engage your kids in activity that will keep them healthy and strong, moving with purpose, cognitively challenged, and interested to come back for more! This is not just a fitness class, this is a lifestyle to shape your kids fitness and future!

The KidFit Program focuses on:

  • Proper Joint Mobility & Injury Prevention
  • Functional Movement Patterns
  • Relative Body-weight Strength
  • Hand/Eye Coordination & Balance
  • Most importantly, HAVING FUN!

~ We also hold private birthday parties and other event celebrations upon request! ~

Schedule & Prices

Class is every Saturday from 10:30am – 11:20am

Drop-In Fee: $20 Per Session

$75 for a 5-Session Punch Card for the 1st Kid

$50 for a 5-Session Punch Card for the remaining Kids*

*Kids must be from the same family to receive the reduced rate of the punch card*