Head Coach

             Michael Carnevali


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
  • A.S. Exercise Scienice & Sport Studies
  • Z-Health Movement Re-Education Specialist
  • TFW Level 1 Instructor

Within the last 10+ years, Michael has accomplished many health and fitness goals, met with and learned from many well-recognized coaches, and has been involved in many different training programs to know the “ins” and “outs” of this rapidly growing fitness industry. He has spent countless hours in many different training facilities which has developed a strong passion of health and fitness within him. His goal: to share that strong passion with you and give you the REAL results you deserve.

One of his greatest accomplishments is having lost over 100 lbs of body fat within 6 months’ time when his health and fitness was at its lowest. He did this by simply changing his diet and staying consistent with his training. He didn’t use any special supplements or take part in a fasting program to get him there. He stuck with the basics of eating clean and working hard.

Growing up, Michael was always involved with different sports and other outdoor activities. He played 4 years of basketball on a traveling league, played 4 years of high school football, and is currently involved with OCR racing and endurance challenges. He has completed 7 Spartan Races including the famous Killington Vermont Beast, 2 Tough Mudders, and 3 GORUCK Tough Challenges. On the weekends, Michael is either mountain bike riding early in the mornings or he is “rucking” late at night (definition: to carry heavy weight with a purpose) as he is currently training for a 24 hour GORUCK Heavy Challenge.

Michael is always striving to be a better trainer and athlete. He attends fitness and coaching seminars, reads books and online articles on health and fitness, and is always looking for new movements and training methods to make his clients and himself better. He is also a part-time student at Rutgers University enrolled in the Exercise Science and Kinesiology program.

Michael became interested in CrossFit when watching the 2012 CrossFit Games on ESPN. Blown away by the performance of CrossFit’s top athlete, Rich Froning, Michael wanted to learn what it took to accomplish such feats of strength and endurance. After becoming hooked on CrossFit after his first WOD, he took his athletic training background and combined it with the methodology of CrossFit to create his own style of CrossFit programming that is unlike any other CrossFit Box. His WODs deliver nothing less than optimal results and the positive feeling of accomplishment.